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Timeless Eclectic Creation

What started as a research project into traditional Indian painting methods has become the beautiful textile products and homewares that you see here today. Our aim is to bring vibrant pigments to life, and into your home, in the form of timeless, eclectic designs created from original contemporary artworks. Find out more about Shweta Mistry’s techniques on this page.

Rosa Design Shweta Mistry
Tulips Design Shweta Mistry
Leaves Design Shweta Mistry



Shweta developed a deep affinity with traditional Indian painting methods and techniques after learning from the living Masters of Indian Painting. There are very few living Masters of traditional Indian painting in the whole of India, and Shweta is forever grateful for the time she got to spend with them. They shared their profound knowledge with her, as well as practical skills. These traditional techniques are Shweta’s main inspiration and an integral part of her practice.

Shweta’s love for simple, beautiful things and nature also inspires her artworks. She adheres to Paul Smith’s ethos, “You can find inspiration in everything”.

Inspiration Shweta Mistry
Pigments Shweta Mistry

“You can find inspiration in everything.” Paul Smith



In India, Shweta learned how to make the pigments and paper that she works with to this day. She learned how to burnish mineral, earth, organic and alchemical pigments and the skills of delicate brushwork. Greatly inspired, Shweta set about employing these ancient methods to create contemporary, original artworks.

After creating these vibrant, attractive paintings, Shweta experimented with digitally printing her artworks onto fabric. The results were stunning. Shweta’s focus now shifted to bringing these traditional Indian methods into our homes, in her signature textile-based products and art prints.

Painting Leaves Shweta Mistry
Painting Rosa Shweta Mistry

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he (one) seeks.” John Muir

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We produce ethical, luxury products of the highest standard. Each product is hand-finished with meticulous attention to detail. Made in the UK, we keep a close eye on each stage of production to make sure that you receive the best quality item for your home. Sustainability is also important to us. For example, we use digital printing instead of screen printing to create less waste. Building relationships with our clients based and acting ethically is of great importance to Shweta Mistry.

Cushions Stitching Shweta Mistry
Cushions Stitching Shweta Mistry
Cushions Stitching Shweta Mistry
Cushions Stitching Shweta Mistry

About Shweta

Shweta Mistry is a Glasgow-based artist and the heart, soul and creativity behind this luxury homeware brand. Always passionate about art, Shweta gained her Master of Research in Creative Practices from Glasgow School of Art. It was there that she fell in love with the traditional methods of the living Masters of Indian Painting. And here that the seeds of Shweta Mistry textiles were planted.

Shweta’s aim is to bring ‘vibrant pigments to life’. This is reflected in her timeless, eclectic textiles and original artworks. The combination of vibrant pigments and the finest fabrics creates Shweta’s signature products.

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