Free Shipping in the U.K on all Designer Fabric and Wallpaper samples
Free Shipping in the U.K on all Designer Fabric and Wallpaper samples
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Shweta Mistry is a women led design studio based in Glasgow founded in 2018; by Shweta, creating exclusive fabrics, wallpapers and interior accessories. Designs are created from hand painted artwork using rare pigments with global historic significance and heritage painting techniques. Cutting edge digital technologies are used to transform the artworks into exclusive products. All our wallpapers and fabrics are Made in the UK to the highest quality specifications catering for individual clients as well as high end interior designers and boutique hoteliers. The studio also creates bespoke designs for commercial and residential projects. Our principals of exclusive designs, quality and integrity are key into every creation. 

What we do 

We bring inspirational design edge to traditional painting methods and techniques. Our elaborate exclusive designs are created to enhance the everyday with pattern, texture and colour through a sensorial experience no matter what your style is. Equally believed to create a timeless interiors exploring what imagination can bring to surfaces that surround us. 

Who we are 

Shweta, is the founder and director to the design led studio. Her mission is to invigorate forgotten arts for future generations through her created designs. Her vision is brought to life working alongside with the manufacturers based in the UK. She has exhibited in national and international trade shows including Maison et Objet, Paris. We intend in creating exclusive fabrics and wallpapers with relentless forward thinking creativity. Everything we do comes from deep study of Indian miniature painting techniques of the past and our mission is to extend that tradition through our designs in a new light. Indian miniature painting techniques and pigments with historical significance. 

It all started while Shweta was studying Masters of Research in Creative Practices at Glasgow School of Art.
Designs are extensively drawn from her in depth research into pigments and traditional Indian miniature painting techniques rooted in 11th century BC, and beyond. Historically, with the end of the court system in India the Indian miniature paintings came to to an end because there was lack of patronage for the artists. These paintings were court paintings and at times religious paintings commissioned by the patrons. 

These are heritage painting techniques passed on from one generation to next in line, Shweta has been grateful to learn from a third generation of Master artist and his grandfather who has worked with museums all around the world. Preservation of traditional arts and crafts in our ever changing and fast growing modern world is a vital means of providing the timeless values that bring stability to human life and promote peace of mind, one of the highest value of any civilisation. However, sadly there are just handful of artist who still continue to use this art form due to lack of patronage after the demise of the royal courts in India. 

This painting technique is unique due to the materials used in creating them, The pigments have a global history as part of the Silk Road.
A pigment called Cinnabar - is a mineral pigment.It is widely used in Pahari, Kangra and Guler paintings in 16th and 17th century North India. It is said that at a point in the history of pigments Cinnabar was more precious than gold. Cinnabar is found in Turner’s paint box displayed at Tate Modern. Shweta has used it in painting the body of the peacock using delicate brush work for Enchanted wallpaper available in two different scales. Pigments are burnished with an Agate stone once they are painted and are luminous by nature. They look like precious gems because they are physical embodiment of light once burnished. 

Original artworks created from heritage painting techniques to create exclusive designs sets us apart. It is a modernist take on a traditional technique of painting. There are people who want to stand out and own a bit of history to create a statement with the things they own. Our products absolutely serves that exclusivity. 


We only print to order so only print what we sell, we hold minimum stocks. We are conscious of the environment and re-use all our packaging materials and try and run a paperless business.


Our design studio is aware of the upstream journey of embracing diversity, equity and inclusion in the design industry. We are looking to contribute , learn and set an example by starting the conversation.